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Are you a woman with headaches or seizures?

If you are a woman with headaches or seizures and have been stable for years, you may get your refills and follow-up from your primary care doctor.

After all, scheduling with another specialist can be hard! So why do it?

Here's just a FEW reasons why women with headaches or seizures should seek care from a neurologist, especially one who is experienced in Women's Issues.

  1. Many headache or seizure medications may interact with birth control pills. That could mean unwanted pregnancies.

  2. Many of those medications are also considered teratogens, which means they can cause serious birth defects. That makes it really important to make sure you have an effective birth control method, or that you switch to a safer medication.

  3. Your monthly cycle can cause fluctuations of medication levels and/or exacerbations of your symptoms. A neurologist should be able to tease that out.

  4. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, your hormones can make your medications less effective. It may be VERY important to adjust your medications to make sure they are still effective to avoid seizures in pregnancy.

A neurologist that is experienced in Women's Issues can address all of these concerns, making sure you are on the most optimal treatment plan for your particular type of headache, seizure, or other neurologic condition. Call or visit our website to make an appointment.

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