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WOOP your life?

I recently completed an online course I now recommend readily to all my family and friends: The Yale Science of Well-Being course on Coursera (free!). It's self-paced, with both short videos and suggested readings as well as mini-quizzes to test your comprehension. It talks about, well, the science of well-being. It answers these questions: What is it that we want? What is it that we maybe don't want but should want because it will make us happier than the things we do want? How do we counteract our natural instincts to want the things we should not want? What can we do to really increase our happiness? How do we build healthy habits? I really enjoyed taking it, and I think anyone who has ever wanted to make a change in their life would enjoy it and benefit from it.

One of the things I learned from this course is "WOOP"ing. WOOPing is a practice/method to put your wishes into action. It stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacles, and Plan, and it's backed by 20 years of research (you know how long it takes research findings to reach the mainstream...). It incorporates some of the things we love about positive psychology, as well as the benefit of pessimistic realists who are always looking for what will go wrong! Try it out. I've already seen its benefits, so I will recommend it to you here as well! You can do it yourself, online (, or on the mobile app (link on the website).

I do not get any kickback or benefit from recommending both of these to you :) Just the benefit of feeling like I'm helping another human. If you try them out, let me know how it goes!

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