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Let's go back to basics.

Our Philosophy

Remember that image of a doctor making housecalls? Knowing the whole family personally? Calling later to check on them? Sure, they may not have had today's medical advances, but old-time doctors knew a thing or two about service. At the Ideal Neurology Clinic, we combine old-fashioned service with our most up-to-date, evidence-based medical practices.


The Ideal Neurology Clinic was borne out of the Ideal Medical Practice movement, which seeks to move doctors from assembly-line clinics where patients are just numbers... to ideal clinics where patients are treated like family. Read more about the Ideal Medical Practice movement here.


Dr. Chalfin is committed to giving all of her patients that old-fashioned service - even performing house calls when convenient! - and treating each of them like family.

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Our Benefits

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    Relaxed visits, on time. Your first visit will be up to 60 minutes long, and all the visits are unrushed and on time. No double booking means your appointment time is yours alone. Spend more time with your neurologist than in our waiting room.

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    Nothing but the doctor - you get Dr. Chalfin's full, undivided attention, and never any midlevel providers (nurse practitioners or physician's assistants).

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    Dr. Chalfin has a very holistic approach to medicine, utilizing the biopsychosocial approach to disease - addressing disease, psychology, and socio-environmental factors, and often addressing lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration, and stress before resorting to medications.



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