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New Patient Policies and Questionnaires

Please read our office policies thoroughly before making an appointment. Your continued consultation with our practice requires and implies continued agreement with the stated policies.


When you book your appointment, you should receive an email link to complete your general Intake Paperwork, as well as any additional questionnaires as relevant to your situation. Instructions for completing these forms are located here. Our forms are thorough, so we ask that all patients fill out paperwork before their visit so as not to detract from your time with the doctor.


If you have difficulty submitting the electronic forms or would like to fill out the forms with pen and paper, all of our forms are below. Please download and fill them out (or in some cases, have a loved one fill it out on your behalf, e.g., with the Memory Questionnaire), then bring them, fax them (561-898-1710), or email them ( to us the day of your appointment. 

Afternoon Light

Office Policies

For All Patients

Tropical Leaves


Tremor types and severity, nonmotor symptoms

Plants on the Window


Characteristics of headaches, medications tried, quality of life


Memory loss

To be filled out by a loved one

Orange Blossom

Seizures, spells

History and types of spells, medications tried

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