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Tips for Personal Wellness

If I can sum up my tips for personal wellness in one word, it would be EXERCISE.

If I can have two words, it would be EXERCISE and HYDRATION.

Three? EXERCISE, HYDRATION, and SUNSHINE (gotta have that Vitamin D!)

Guess what? All of those are free for us in Sunny South Florida. They don't require any skill or training. They don't even require any time.

Need more exercise? Park your car further from your work.

Need more hydration? Drink 2 liters of water from the tap.

Sunshine? Do some work outside on the grass. Grant yourself a few minutes to play or take a walk. Eat your lunch on a bench outside.

The reason I love these is that exercise has been shown to improve so many neurologic conditions, from chronic pain to Parkinson's disease to preventing cognitive decline and dementia. Hydration helps headaches. Sunshine and Vitamin D helps Multiple Sclerosis and insomnia.

A nice healthy dose of daily social interaction, fruits and veggies, whole grains, eight hours of sleep, and a regular routine are also helpful. 🙂 More on those another day. Be well!

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